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Why we love to hate Trump

Hello! In my SM feed I keep on seeing these posts about Donald Trump about how he’s such a bad guy and all of that, and we seem to love that – posting/saying things that makes us look a little bit better. Seem a little bit more politically correct. Yet what is it about Donald Trump that gets to us? What is it about what he does that makes us so annoyed? I’ll tell you what it is. He’s actually pointing out what it is about the world that is not right! Not by words necessarily but just in the way he is. An example: You couldn’t say that the way he does his twittering is by reflection a text book example of what it’s like to communicate in a mature and responsible way (all of the time), but, is he making us aware of there being another way? Yes he does. The way he speaks, is it the polished and politically correct way we expect from a president? No, but could it be that he’s just showing how false the political game really is? Yes he is. So when you love to hate this guy, stop for a moment and feel why that is. What is it about him that bugs you so much? And what was it that didn’t bug you about say Obama that was the most war mongering president US has ever had?

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How much does it take to change?

A couple of days ago the topic of the corona virus came up and I couldn’t help but express my concern about how little emphasis we put into demanding a cure for cancer, while we put so much focus this

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