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  • Matts Josefsson

What is intelligence - have we been sold a lie?

I find it fascinating how much we humans would like to be seen as intelligent. To me I see little true intelligence shown by mankind, yet we get very defensive when it is suggested that we are not very intelligent at all.

Is it intelligent to do something to the body that is proven not to be good for it? Clearly it is not but when this is suggested then we suddenly want to convert intelligence, as being something else, after all there are many forms of intelligence isn’t there... (This is one of the explanations we have up our sleeves).

We cannot run away from the fact that the meaning of true intelligence is not something we can bargain with, it is what it is. We can project our own meaning of what we would like it to be but it doesn’t change its original meaning.

I think this is where we can feel a bit cornered and embarrassed because we know that the intelligence we’ve been fed as intelligent/intelligence is not truly intelligent. But how do we get out of the strangle hold it can have on us?

For starters we need to stop protecting what is obviously not right or true, and why not put a little pressure on those that call themselves intelligent yet cannot give us the answers they should have come up with considering the amount of time and financial support they’ve been given.

Cancer is a serious condition we all want to find a cure for but it hasn’t happened.

Medicine is remarkable at caring for us when it has happened and after as well but we still haven’t been given the answer why we get it in the first place.

Einstein supposedly once said something along the lines with, if you want to find the solution to a problem you cannot apply the same form of energy that got you there in the first place. And maybe this is something to embrace within science as well?

The intelligence that is applied within science is extremely controlled to the point that everything these days have to be evidence based yet it hasn’t given us the answer we so long for. Why not demand that they look elsewhere since the way they go about it clearly does not bring us the goods?

It’s a serious topic I know; yet we cannot refrain talking about it since we are in its holding grip and also owned by it. As an example we only have to visit the hospital to get confronted with this form of intelligence that many times does not have the answers to our problems. Unfortunately it (the answer) often comes in the form of a pill.

If you reading this think that I’m a nut head that is fine but it doesn’t change the fact that we need to have a healthy discussion around this since we are all affected.

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