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  • Matts Josefsson

To work or not to work...

Today I woke up feeling not so great. My body ached and did not feel like going to work. My head had other plans for me though. It wanted to contest my staying home with thoughts about being weak staying home, work needing me and I haven't been away from work since I started there over a year ago. So I wrestled with my mind this morning. My body was quite content with its choice of staying home and recover, but my mind can be a bit of work sometimes. So what happened? After a bit of debate with myself I made the wise choice to stay at home. What I also was pondering about this morning was why I had to stay at home, because I do hate not being able to work and be productive. This I feel is true in one sense (hating not being able to work) but it also has a conditioned sting over it, you know the feeling of having to be there for everyone else all of the time and dismissing what feels true to you and your body. This morning I chose what felt best for me and my body and I felt I did quite a good job in placing my mind's opinions in the backseat. And who knows, in the future it might have to leave the car altogether, unless it wants what's best for me.. not there yet though so still some work to be done. Thanks for reading, Matts

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