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  • Matts Josefsson

To React or Not React..

This morning I witnessed a situation whilst taking out my trash. I hear a car blowing its horn and I see a car passing a reversing truck that's backing out on the main road. Few minutes later I hear someone screaming and it's the truck driver shouting to the cardriver in an intersection further ahead. I couldn't hear what he was saying but what I did hear was his final word, "idiot", which he was screaming several times over again.

And it made me think about us people and how easy it can be to disrupt a sense of togetherness both with ourselves and with other people.

Maybe the cardriver was startled because the truck was backing out in front of him, who knows. And perhaps the truckdriver did his best backing out because I can imagine it's hard to see everything that's going on behind you since the truck is quite long.

But sometimes it's easy to react. I've done it myself and it feels awful. It feels awful to be angry and think bad things about someone else, yet we do it.

Sometimes we have to also accept and face that some people want to have certain opinions of other people because it makes them feel safe, which is crazy but that exists also. Some find comfort in having opinions about other people because it seems easier than realising/admitting that people are not innately bad or there to annoy you, maybe they are just doing their best.

I think we need to have way more understanding of other people and why they do the things they do, and also be more reflective of ourselves and our behaviours. Do we really need to react? We don't really but sometimes it's so easy.

But there is a way to get away from this or at least be less reactive and that is to start reflecting on ourselves and our behaviour instead of defending them. Then we start to make space for us to choose whether to react or not and not become our reactions. We can also start observing life and not become it which is quite huge. Not easy always but it's very rewarding seeing people for who they are instead of their behaviours. I think that is enough for this morning, Thanks for reading, Matts

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