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  • Matts Josefsson

The Wisdom of Children

This morning I discovered something that I wasn’t totally unaware of, in truth quite the opposite, but perhaps reminded of.

We often think when it comes to children that we know more about life, that we are the ones having to show the way, knowing what to say or do. This way however does not honour the fact of how much the children already know about life, how to live it and how to be in it.

We often live with the empty box syndrome, thinking that we know nothing or little and then we have to fill this knowledge chamber up as we go through life, learning along the way. But what if it’s the other way around? What if we already know everything from the beginning, we just have to know how to live with that knowing so it doesn’t get buried or forgotten?

We all know what it’s like to be in the presence of a child, the wisdom they carry, and perhaps the most important thing, the quality they present. Sometimes we shrug it of with “oh those children..”, or “the things they come up with..”. But what if those things are not “made up things”, but things they actually already know?

That blows many of our pictures away of how things should be, because how could you know something about life or about any other thing when you haven’t lived long enough to gather knowledge and information about a certain thing or topic? This is where our minds sometimes go blank because we haven’t got the answers.

We often live with a very limited view of life. Or I should say our allowed view of life -how much we allow ourselves to be aware of. We also do not give ourselves credit for how much we actually know about life. The problem is we simply do not trust what we feel; we think we need to know it first. And this is what happens when we are children.

We think we need to teach children how to live life when they already know that, perhaps they have to be guided into the practicalities, but the quality they are already masters of and this is where we can learn, letting go of our pride and let the wisdom they carry, in. Letting go of the guard that says I should know more. Then we can get a taste of the world they live in which it’s quite something, but not new, perhaps something we also let go of many years ago, but well worth revisit.

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