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  • Matts Josefsson

The Weather Patterns - A nuisance or Divine Order at play?

Uppdaterat: 9 mars 2019

The weather patterns couldn’t be more of a hot topic right now. A few days ago I was sitting in a plane, around 10000 meters above the earth, looking down at the clouds and I couldn’t help but be amazed and awed by how beautiful it all is. Up there it’s not very hard to get a sense that it all must have a purpose - the way clouds are formed, where they form, how thick they are, their structure, colour, shape and so on.

To me they felt like Earth’s own little vacuum cleaners.

That the weather has a purpose is something I’ve felt a long time and when I share this I must say I don’t often get supporters. It seems like we want the weather to be something that is just random and something we can complain about if it doesn’t turn out the way we want it to be or what has been predicted by the poor weather-man or woman. And we love to blame them as well don't we?

But what if what is happening down here on earth is what is determining our weather patterns and this is why the prognosis sometimes fails big time?

Are you still with me? Am I stepping into deep water claiming this?

Let me continue with my awesome explanation about the weather patterns though.

What if the weather patterns and its true purpose is to cleanse the earth from all the stuff we people put on it?

Just like us physical human beings the earth is a living body itself. There’s no argue in that, agree?

And so, just like us it has to clear whatever is placed into it and upon it that doesn’t belong to its true nature, just like with us.

When you look at it this way we could start looking at what the earth does, not as something that is just a nuisance or a travesty for us, but as something the earth need to do to rid itself from what has been placed upon it that is not harmonious. Because let’s face it, the earth is the epitome of harmony.

So just to take a sneak peek, and a suggestion maybe, into what we might be doing as earthlings to mother earth that is not harmonious:

What kind of energy are we as humans transmitting to earth with:

- Game shows?

- Football matches?

- Boxing events?

- Concerts?

- Having an argument with a neighbor?

- Driving to work distracted by your mobile device?

These are only a few examples we might not think matters to the whole but it does. We know that everything matters, and I bring these examples up because we have this tendency to only focus on things that is in a way easy to use as scapegoats, such as the emissions from the cars, factories, but rarely do we look at the way we are as human beings on a day to day basis.

So if we start to consider the earth as a living body just like us we might realize that it's just as sensitive as we know we are or perhaps can remember ourselves to have been at some point in our lives and if we dump things on her, not just physical stuff but in the forms of energies, as in the examples above, then she might say that enough is enough and do what she has to do to come back to harmony within herself.

And let's face it this is what we humans should do as well but we are not there yet in our evolution, even though the earth shows us constantly what is can be to live in harmony with the everything that exists around us, ie the universe.

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