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  • Matts Josefsson

The problem of the Evidence Based approach

Uppdaterat: 24 feb. 2019

A few days ago I heard that word that gets to me, evidence based. It was a reporter that spoke with a man that was in the field of quantum physics and they talked about a form of therapy for people that have allergy problem and the validity of it. The man said that it wasn’t evidence based even though several people had apparently according to the interviewer had positive benefits of it.

It made me wonder why we are so hell bent on things having to be evidence based? Do we even know what that means? I don’t have a full understanding what it means but to me it feels like a huge amount of control because it’s often used when there are some form of other therapies of modalities available that might be seen as a threat to the evidence based approach.

From my perspective wouldn’t we want to know all there is to know about everything?

This evidence-based approach certainly has its place in science but it cannot for the benefit of our future prosperity and health be the one and only approach because by evidence (!) it hasn’t delivered. Sorry to say but it hasn’t. We are still million miles away from getting to know why we get all the illnesses and diseases we get. We surely are masters at managing them and postponing the progression of the illness or disease but we haven’t gotten to know why they occur in the first place.

And this is purely because we are looking in all the wrong places. If we are to come to a solution to a problem we cannot look with the same glasses. We have to take them off and begin anew, with a fresh outlook, not being tainted by how we think things should look like.

If we are to come to a solution to a problem we cannot look with the same glasses.

There are answers out there as we speak but the eyes and ears haven’t yet attuned themselves to receive them. We’ve sadly come to the point where many researchers have given up and are purely focussing on managing the ills, which is a huge let down from the system to all the people that is depending on a true answer. So the question is how long will we let them run their race until we say stop? Because it’s our money being spent through government funded research. Do we really want to know the truth?

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