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The Importance of living in our true rhythm

I was just reminded today how important our rhythms are for us and I was specifically thinking of our children. They are quite often asked to go into rhythms that are not their natural or true rhythm. Just think of school how so many children/students are asked to align to the same rhythm when that is quite impossible and probably why many of them show behaviours that are not seen as correct. Quite often these children are seen as misbehaving or being naughty, but maybe they are just reacting or trying to communicate that they are being asked to go into a rhythm that does not feel natural for them. I’d like to say that I see pace and rhythm to be two different things, because you can be in rhythm and complete thing is a really fast manner whilst when you are not in your rhythm things can seem almost impossible to do or complete. You can on the other hand be out of rhythm (your true rhythm) and equally complete things really fast but in this way the chances that you make mistakes and do them in a sloppy and unconscious manner is very high, and I don’t think your body appreciates the energy you go into when completing things in this way either, and in a sense they never gets completed because the body will always be in a state of stress because you’re not listening how the body would most preferably be moved. Children on the other hand are really sensitive to how their body is to be moved and I feel we need to be very honouring of this. I think one of the reasons we are not appreciating this as much as we should is because we adults in many cases have lived out of rhythm for such a long time that we now are just trying as best as we can to manage life, with coffee, sweets and so on since a life lived out of rhythm is very exhausting. Living in rhythm on the other hand generates massive amounts of energy and vitality.

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