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  • Matts Josefsson

The CO2 Story

A while back I read on my bag I got at the supermarket that it’s made out of 85% renewable material, sugarcanes. It went on to say that this will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide by a lot when this bag one day will be burnt.

This sounds great if indeed the carbon dioxide is the bad guy for our environment. But is it? Personally I doubt big time this to be the case. Because when we humans put so much effort into wanting something to be true then I know something is up. We want to get away with things easily without having to consider that we might have something to do with it, don’t we?

Now how would we as humans have something to do with the weather patterns changing and it not being the CO2 story we’ve been fed?

From my perspective mother earth is a body just like ours and it needs to cleanse just like our body has to.

So why do we see all the weather patterns changing as something wrong and not being a correction it has to make in order to get a little bit more space, because let’s face it we are quite invasive we humans.

I got a quite illustrative image - Imagine being a body and having all seven or so billions of creatures on you. How those seven billions are moving and living on your body will be easily felt, wouldn’t it? So no wonder it has to shake itself every now and then to get the itch to go away. And the itch being us humans in case you didn’t catch that one…

So should we feel sorry for the earth and try to save it in the way we are right now or should we instead put more if not a lot of focus in trying to save ourselves and our quite irresponsible ways?

The earth is more than capable to heal itself and wise enough to correct whatever is needed and the beautiful thing is that it is actually helping us to heal as well by showing how it’s done.

So I don’t think we will save the planet by all driving electric cars and trying to reduce the CO2 levels. I think we will save the planet by healing the unrest we all feel within ourselves. When we do that I’m sure the earth will feel this and the abruptness we experience right now with weather patterns will perhaps not be there. But until we get there I feel the earth will do what it takes for us to realize that it’s us that have to get it right before we try to get the environment right. It can manage very well on its own.

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