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Simple it is

Sometimes I wonder why we are not taught the truths about life. Wouldn’t it make life so much simpler? Many would argue that we don’t really know what is true and what is not or if there is a truth to begin with but I know that we deep inside know what is true and what is not. It’s just that from little we’ve been squashed into this little box that only allow us to think this far because if we think too much we might go crazy. Or at least be made to feel that way. We all know how we sometimes laugh about children and all the stuff they come up with. Is it really made up stuff or are they just connected and know what is true and what is not and we have a little bit of trouble handling that because in our minds we are the ones that is supposed to know the why’s and how’s about life? So on the inside we might get a bit embarrassed but on the outside we cannot let others know that I’ve been seen through by this toddler so we say this or that and make fun of what these little bundles can come up with. So what is my point with this? Just that we would do us all good if we opened up to the fact that we do know the truth and then maybe we have less tendencies at attempting to silence those who speak up. Sometimes when someone says something that our mind gets a bit irritated about it’s usually because they trigger a belief we (still) hold on to. But it’s very relieving to let go of wanting to explain everything from a rational (so called) point of view. Life indeed is supposed to be simple.

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