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  • Matts Josefsson

Re-Claiming God in Our Lives.

Why is it that we are so reluctant and unwilling to talk about God and divinity? Is it because we’ve been breast-fed ideals, beliefs and pictures of what that means to the point that we now feel sick when it is being mentioned? Many of us do so no point in denying it. Could it be though that we’ve been fed a lie? That the version of God we’ve been given is not God, not even close? That is very possible if not entirely true. But then what is God? I think we all have a feeling of what God is to us and in what way we connect to Him. I know many of you reading this might have a hard time reading these words as I had some time ago when just hearing the word made be feel angry. But I didn’t get angry with God, I got angry because I’ve been fed a lie about something I hold very precious. I probably also got angry with myself for buying into the whole thing. The thing is though that we don’t have to keep it happening. We don’t have to go on living life as if there wasn’t something more to life. I think many of us ache within having let go of that connection we all held and for many of us felt when we were children. I’ve let go of the anger and am working at re-establishing that connection I once had, and it’s gorgeous. Not always easy but I feel there is no other way. We learn from very young that we have to learn to get somewhere in life but that is not true, at all. It’s actually the other way round. When we are born we know so much about life already. Maybe not how to live it in a practical sense but boy do we know how to BE in life, and if we hold on to that we are sure of true success. What is God is always found within us, not anywhere else.

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