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  • Matts Josefsson

The Wisdom of Children Part 2

Uppdaterat: 21 nov. 2019

I think we’ve all done it, treated children as “children”. Today I met a boy, maybe 8 or so, behaving as if he was an adult. Not in a weird or manufactured way but very normally so. The problem with this however is that adults in the surroundings usually start to feel a bit uncomfortable because they don’t really know how to respond to this. They are used to children being, you know, children.. but what if children many times behave in a specific way because that is what we expect from them? Many times children can come up with the most amazing things, we know this. Sometimes we’re in awe but many times we laugh it off as in “oh these children..”. We rarely give them the room to really let go with sharing their innate wisdom because, to be honest, we are a bit afraid of the level of clarity and precision they carry. We don’t really think a little package like that can know so much. It puts our rational mind in a state of unease. How can they know so much when they haven’t lived the required years to gather all the information to know? Could it be that many children still carry the connection to who they really are, within? And could it be that many of us adults have lost that connection, hence feeling a bit awkward when we get confronted with this? I think so. We should cherish the wisdom our children carry and not think that we need to read and learn a lot of facts to be enlightened. These children are enlightened already. Our job is to not put a cap on that but rather help opening up the lid, if indeed it’s even necessary.

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