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  • Matts Josefsson

Now Who is the Terrorist Again?

Something is severely wrong with the current picture being laid out by how Muslims are and what the Islamic faith is about. Islam is one religion that has taken a hard blow the last few years. We see people do horrible things, then they call themselves Muslims and the world goes psychotic. Now every Muslim is suddenly a potential terrorist and should be avoided. Preferably they should not be allowed to practice their religion anywhere. But what do we actually know about the Islamic faith and its origin? I'm not an expert in religions but I do know what I can see, feel and experience, and I feel, see nor experience any harm whatsoever from any person I've come across practicing the Islamic faith. Quite the opposite. They offer brotherhood and a way that is actually needed in this world. Could this be why it's being so attacked? The latest shooting in New Zealand shows how love and compassion is the basis of their religion and nothing else. We should take heed of this way because it might just be what could save this world from total destruction. Thanks for reading.

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