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  • Matts Josefsson

No More Being the Everything Man?

Uppdaterat: 9 mars 2019

A few days ago I had a bit of an epiphany. Throughout my life I’ve been quite the handyman, doing most that was needed around the house. And the car I usually fixed it myself. I have also loved, once having my own space, to do the all the painting and carpentry that was needed - it felt like I added my own flavor and touch into the house and it felt great afterwards.

In my current apartment I painted the living room and it felt pretty alright but not 100%. After a few weeks I was contacted by painters that had been assigned by my landlord to do my living room plus my bedroom, which felt a bit like a gift really because I hadn’t asked for it, at least not verbally. But I wasn’t the one that was about to complain.

So I chose the wallpaper that I felt was the best one for me, and the day after it was done. When I later sat there it felt pretty awesome. The whole room felt very holding and I realized that maybe my time is over having to do all things myself.

Maybe it’s time for me to specialize on what I’m best at and let those that are experts do what they do best, in whatever field that might be.

And perhaps that is the best we can support ourselves; not having to be the everything man or the everything woman.

It’s quite a new concept for me still but I’m very open to exploring this. It’s also a bit of letting go of control in this I must say; Trusting that others can do what I need and that it will be made to support me. And maybe that’s the way to go about things in society! In that way we can utilize everyone’s special gifts they bring to society.

A bit of a side note however is that letting others do things for you doesn’t mean that we let go of our astuteness in wanting things to be done in a proper and qualitative way but in my experience things will work out if we make it about connection with whoever is about to do something for us and they will feel what is needed. So again I guess we come back to trust and quality both in what we do and in the way we relate to one another in society.

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