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  • Matts Josefsson

Migration - Part of the Divine Plan?

Uppdaterat: 9 mars 2019

Over the ages there’s been a lot of migration to other countries. In recent time we’ve seen it especially in Europe and Sweden is one country that has accepted quite a few. Some has been critical about this and eventually the government squeezed the bigger possibility for refugees to enter the country, which left a big part of the mass to go phew.

On one level it’s easy to observe this process whereby there is a need for people to leave their country, the call is heard and countries open up their borders to help out.

On a deeper level what we have is the possibility for cross-pollination of cultures that mix and blend.

Some would say for the worse because the culture one identifies with might seem like it’s being challenged or disrupted and if there is a strong self identification with one culture then the feeling of it being watered down will seem like a threat to one’s own identity.

What we haven’t yet seen it as is the possibility for us to grow as a society.

I live in Sweden and worldwide we are known to be a bit insular and not too communicative. We aren’t innately that way but we can have a bit of reserved-ness about ourselves.

What we get from other cultures here in Sweden is the possibility to unlock that reserved-ness because in many other countries this is not part of their culture, quite the opposite, they can be very open and bring a feeling of brotherhood. They are not perfect as none of us are and so we of course have something to offer them.

If we see it this way then migration is not a bad thing but an order at play with an agenda; for us to eventually know that we are a one species, a one people, a one race, a one nation AND that we have a One Truth. Until this is felt in our hearts and then lived then we have to be given these offering to come back to harmony once again.

So next time you see someone from another culture and you see the differences, give it a go and see the potential this person has to give to you the understanding that innately we are actually all one. That there is no differences except for those we choose to see.

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