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How much does it take to change?

A couple of days ago the topic of the corona virus came up and I couldn’t help but express my concern about how little emphasis we put into demanding a cure for cancer, while we put so much focus this new found corona virus. And of course, we shouldn’t not care about the virus, but the balance seems very skewed in disfavor of us demanding an answer as to why we get cancer. The sad thing here is that we seem to have adopted this view that we are never going to find a true cure anyways. We’ve sort of given up on it, and why is that? Is it because we don’t want to put pressure on the one faculty (ie modern medicine, the hospitals) we will eventually need to receive help from should we arrive at the point where we get cancer? In other words there is a dependency. Is it because if we were to get an answer it possibly isn’t one that we want to hear because it could suggest us having a contributing factor in us getting illnesses and diseases? But that isn’t very logical either because at the same time we would be given the freedom and power to choose otherwise should our behaviours or lifestyle choices be not so healthy for our body. Could it be we come down to responsibility and the lack of wanting to take it? It’s easier to focus on other things than changing something we don’t want to change, even though we are suffering tremendously and being in a constant tension of life. I think that eventually we will be forced to look at what we need to change, truly change, even though right now it seems like we’d rather be focusing on things like this corona virus and the levels of carbon dioxide in the air. I’m not saying that the latter is irrelevant, but they are compared to all the other things going on in this world that is plenty fold more disturbing, as gang violence, so many forms of illnesses and diseases we have no clue as to why we get them, rape, domestic violence, wars, abuse, suicide to name a few of the things we deserve not to have, but it’s us that need to demand a stop to it if we don’t want it anymore.

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