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  • Matts Josefsson

How are you?

Today I did it again. I asked someone how they were. Not in a genuine way but as a throw away line as in “how’s it going”, me not really giving myself the time to really stop should they actually have something to tell me, and I hate that. I hate saying things I don‘t really mean; yet I let the words slip out of my mouth. And I think it comes from me feeling the same thing when someone asks me how I am. I know in the social game we play everyday most people expect us to say “fine”, “all good”, but how often is everything’s fine, really? There always a niggle, big or small, here and there, but we don’t usually tell that to everyone that asks how we are, even though maybe perhaps we should, because in the rules of engagement we’ve accepted there’s little room to actually say what and how we really feel. Sometimes it feels like there’s not room for that. We’re too busy living our lives, always rushing to the next thing. Rarely do we have time, or I should say rarely do we give ourselves the time to stop and listen to someone else, but also for us to share with someone else how we are. In my case today I actually phoned the person to apologize me asking without having the time to listen. Too extreme you might say but for me it felt great to be that honest to say that I didn’t mean to do that - to put someone into a situation that is not honest or true. And we had a great chat whilst at it.

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