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  • Matts Josefsson

Have We forgotten about Truth?

Sometimes I wonder why we live life as if there wasn’t a truth to live by.

Who gains by that approach?

We live life but the truth aspect we have left out as if that is not something we need to get bothered by.

Why is that?

Let me position myself to get a bit of an understanding around this phenomenon: If there wasn’t a truth that we needed to live in accordance with, we could do pretty much whatever we like both as individuals and as a humanity, and, get away with it.

Just as a side note - when it comes to legal matters, no, we cannot do whatever we like and get away with it, but it’s not really this I’m referring to when I speak of truth. I’m talking about there being a truth that if we do not adhere to its impulse we will see some form of disharmony being played out on a macro scale as well as in our private lives as individuals.

Do we have disharmony in our world? Yes, without a doubt.

Do we have disharmony in our private lives? Yes we do.

Do we have disharmony in our bodies manifested as illnesses, diseases, stresses and many multifaceted conditions? We most certainly have.

So with that in our luggage could it be that we haven’t simply given the truth factor a big enough focus?

For example; we know that our body communicates with us what is best for it.

Do we listen?

We know how to speak to other people yet we hold thoughts and judgements about them.

Should we do that?

Why do we do that?

We have been given a divine right to behave in whatever way we choose, no judgement, but if things doesn’t add up why do we keep on doing the same thing again and again?

For example I don’t drink alcohol. Haven’t for about 10-15 years now. Why? Simply because my body said “stop it”. It wasn’t something that it wanted anymore, and I couldn’t agree more so I made the decision to quit, and I haven’t had a drop since.

Now when a discussion comes up around alcohol people sometimes come with the argument that ‘people have used some form of drugs as long as we can remember’, and use that as an excuse as to why our practice of drinking should be considered normal and allowed to continue without criticism.

If there wasn’t a truth factor to consider then of course we could be doing whatever and not have any side effects but we can’t can we? The fact is however, our bodies DO speak to us big time, we know what is true for it and what is not, yet we keep on doing what we do as if there wasn’t a truth to live by.

Could it be time for us to reconsider this?

What would we gain?

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