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  • Matts Josefsson

Do We Really Want Equality?

This is something I felt to share after having observed the discussion that is happening around equality lately. It’s my interpretation and does have the intent of being an explanation for everyone but it adds something that I’ve not seen being included in a big way before.

What I’ve observed is a fight that is in one way absolutely legitimate and in many ways a cry out for being treated as an equal human being, and this I have nothing at all against, rather the opposite. But I also see this strive to have what the other gender has, irrespectively whether that thing or activity is actually needed in our lives or in this society of ours.

Do we for example need more people in a cage or in a ring beating each other up which in some cases leads to permanent damage to our health and in worst cases death?

Do we really need more people in a field competing for who make the grandest numbers of scores, or is this just an example of an activity that should not be there to begin with?

As an intelligent human species we need to reflect on this level and not just go for the superficiality of things. For those of you starting to react and think I’m going too far just bare with me for a minute because I’m intentionally stretching our imaginative levels which actually might be quite healthy.

What I see are women fighting to do all the things the men are and have been doing, which in many cases have proven to not bring true health but just a devastating way of being, trapped in his own making. So what we have now are women that are being heralded when they’ve won championships in whatever field that might be and we think that we’ve gone forward in the fight for equality but we haven’t. We’ve actually gone backwards, becoming even more cemented in our unproductive behaviours. We’ve actually confirmed even more the legitimacy of the male driven society, and is this what we want?

Maybe take some time to really think about that. From where I see things I don’t really think we at this point in time want true equality, because that entails being equal to the people walking next to us and this includes both women and men. When I observe society I don’t see women and men appreciating each other, I see this fight we want to win, a battle that has to be fought, where one team is on one side and the other are on the other, and usually they are just throwing things at each other instead of inviting the other party over for a healthy dose of conversation (and perhaps cup of tea) that is made on equal terms. But it cannot be equal unless we appreciate the other.

So if we want to ever have any kind of equality in the temporal sense, the fifty-fifty, it has to start with us appreciating other people, both men and women, then the fifty-fifty doesn’t have to be a strive or something we fight for because it’s just inbuilt in the way we are with each other. And the want to have justice isn’t there either because that is just a natural result of the foundation of appreciation we are standing on. Utopian? For some maybe, but is it impossible? Definitely not! We just need to bury the hatchet, deal with whatever hurts might be in the way and then accept that we are all quite alike, male or female, we all carry the same equal qualities, maybe different in expression but in essence the same. And could this be the place we need to come from when we talk about equality rather than the fifty-fifty concept?

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