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  • Matts Josefsson

Blood family or One Family?

I’m on a plane. The man sitting next to me starts to sneeze. After a few moments he starts looking quite intensely for something in his bag but he doesn’t seem to find it. It’s silent for a while. Then I can hear him preventing his runny nose from dripping. I think you know this noice. It wasn’t so loud at all, actually quite subtle, maybe he didn’t want to make a big deal about it, or announce to everyone in the cabin his predicament. I start to realize he was looking for tissues. But I’m not fully sure. Well I actually am but he is a stranger. What if I ask him and he doesn’t require one..? The feeling is very strong and if it wouldn’t be for my doubting mind I would have given him one straight away. A couple of minutes go by and I decide to listen to what I felt so strongly so I reach for my packet in my bag and offer the tissue to him. The relief in him when offering them is a pleasure to watch. And this made me wonder how much we as a humanity in general look after each other? It seems quite automatic, well it should be, when it comes to family, friends and people we know, but what about “total strangers”? Isn’t it one man for himself? I don’t think so and I think this situation is the living proof of that. We need to look after each other, (blood) family or not. Why not start to consider everyone as family? Imagine how the world would look like... And maybe this could be the starting point to end all the separation we see in this world! I would say that it’s a pretty good start and why not, what do we have to loose?

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