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  • Matts Josefsson

Angela Merkel - A Politician for the Future?

Today I heard them talk about the German chancellor Angela Merkel on the radio. They described her as someone that would probably once again be elected by the people in the next election later this year and they talked about why she was so liked by the people. They talked about how she rarely if never went into an argument with other politicians in the way politicians normally do, as in sling shooting word across the room to instigate an argument, you know how it goes in politics. But they described how she doesn’t play that game, even if someone does it to her. So to me she sounded like someone I would love to see stay in the political arena. Very few can I say fits that description from my experience. Most politicians seem to want to make themselves better than another and does not to me have the electing people as a first priority. From their description Angela sounded like someone that genuinely cared about the people and I would love to see her another period, even though I’m not even living in Germany.

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